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Hemat Solusi is focusing on producing Voltage Stabilizer, to improve the engine performance, the car's ECU is highly dependent on all sensors that provide accurate data & signals to coordinate various parts in different places. The ECU can give the best judgment if & only if the signal is accurate, which affects the electrical flow of the system. Hence a stable & powerful electrical system in the car will ensure best torque & response at all times.

Here comes a powerful electronic device. GSolusi, a Japan Component Voltage Stabilizer, this voltage stabilizer with its circuit can assure full range RPM torque and improves acceleration both in track and street use. It will also enhance audio fidelity, lamps & all other equipments to their maximum potential. What is more wonderful, it is so easy to installed, first connect the red wire to battery positive than secondly connect the black wire to battery negative.

In here you will find the information about Voltage Stabilizer.

CV.Gultomindo Solusi
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